10 Jan 2012

Po Toi O

During the weekend, I had a very great dinner with my family in Po Toi O - a very small village in Sai Kung. I like this place very much, because it's a rather old-fashioned village away from the city centre. I feel relax here.
If you guys want to try some seafood in HK, I definitely recommend Po Toi O instead of Sai Kung city centre or Lei Yue Mun. Food here is just so tasty and not pricely at all. :P

2 Jan 2012


dress, coats, tights: no brand \ shoes: asos \ bag: chloe

the last look in 2011.
2011 has been a great year for me.
i have a great job; i was healthy; i was happy;
i met my bf; i travelled to a few places...

and of course
i started this blog.

wish everyone a wonderful 2012.