31 Jul 2012

good buy

Got some accessories from h&m at a very good deal. 
so lucky that i catch this offer when i need some accessories in neon colours to highlight my summer outfits!

pink indulgence

(pictures from tumblr / internet)

Omg. It has been months since my last post! 
I have been working hard (and tough) in my new position. I work almost 13-4 hours every day (also weekends). 
It is just the worst thing in my life that I have no time to shopping... Not even online. 
It's simply killing me! 
Hope this torture will end real soon! 

 I have been indulged in pink lately, especially pink hair like Charlotte Free. Gorgeous! 
You know how often I wish to dye my hair pink? But my bf stopped me! May be I can't just do some highlight..