20 Mar 2012

meow meow eyes

i have put on this eye make up to add some fun to my meowy glasses look. 
just wear a normal cat eye on my upper lids and apply some hot pink shadows on the lower.
there you go the cute eye make up. effortless, huh?  fun and wearable and perfect for wearing glasses. 
hope you guys like it 

19 Mar 2012

meow meow meow

top: H&M \ skirt: zara \ shoes: aldo \ glasses: taobao

❤ cats ❤bows ❤polka dots. they are all in the same outfit ❤
i found the very cute glasses (frame) in taobao long time ago.
to match with it i have put an interesting cat eye make up =P

the photos are taken in the yau ma tei fruit market, where you can find very nice fruits there at relatively a friendly price 

to end this post, let me introduce my lovely photographer, a.k.a my bf
baby, you are so cute!


13 Mar 2012


omg... i just realised i forgot to put these pics on my blog!
all these pics are not edited =P